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Introduction to the Garmin GNS 430/530 Part VI SIDs and STARs

In this sixth part of our webinar series on the GNS430/530 navigators, we'll investigate how to fly SIDs and STARs. These published procedures can make your IFR flying life easier, but there are some difficulties that have been known to cause pilots to end up with Pilot Deviations for not flying them properly. If you're aware of these and know how to get past them, you'll be well on your way, while staying out of trouble.

Though they are now somewhat dated, the Garmin GNS530 and 430 remain ubiquitous in the GA fleet. These powerful navigation devices remain somewhat mysterious to many aviators, so Cap'n Mike will demystify the basics of this very capable equipment. Whether you've had one for years, found a used one on eBay last week, or recently bought an airplane that came with one of these installed, you're sure to understand this gear better after this webinar.

Captain Mike Jesch flies a Boeing 787 on long-haul routes at work - with perhaps the most modern aviation navigation system available today. With deep roots in the GA world, he is a two-time Master CFI and has been flying for over 40 years. He earned his instrument rating in a Cessna 150 with vacuum tube radios, but he's flown behind a GNS530W in his personal Cessna 182 for a decade now and will bring his engaging and relaxed presentation style home to you.

Join host Captain Brian Schiff and presenter Captain Mike Jesch for this re-introduction to the wonders of modern GPS navigators. Using the Garmin simulator as well as photos and videos from his own airplane, we will illustrate, demonstrate, and educate on the basics.

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