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Collision Avoidance in the Traffic Pattern

Few things about flying are as frightening as having a midair collision. Half of all midair collisions occur in the airport traffic pattern, but there are specific things you can do to see and be seen. Subjects include:When and under what conditions most midair collisions occurLessons from accident case studiesWhat’s legal—and what’s not—for traffic pattern entry and departureRight-of-way rules and responsibilitiesPractical collision avoidance tacticsAnswers to view questions

Viewers will be able to type in their questions to be answered during the event. We’ll explain how to do so at the beginning of the webinar. This program is recognized for ABS AVIATOR and FAA WINGS credit.

Although this American Bonanza Society program is oriented toward pilots of Beech Bonanzas, Debonairs, Barons and Travel Airs, the discussion, techniques and procedures described are valuable to the pilot of any airplane.

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