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$100M to Reduce Runway Incursions, NPRM to Remove CFI Certificate Exp. Date, Let’s Give ‘em Some Spa

Investment to Help Reduce Runway Incursions

The FAA has awarded more than $100 million to 12 airports across the country to reduce runway incursions ( Projects will reconfigure taxiways that may cause confusion, install airfield lighting or construct new taxiways to provide more flexibility on the airfield.

The agency’s Runway Incursion Mitigation (RIM) Program was developed to identify airports that have risk factors that might contribute to runway incursions ( Those factors include complexity and airfield layout. As part of the RIM program, the FAA, airports and industry work together to find solutions and share best practices.

Funding is going to key projects, including: Bellingham International Airport in Bellingham, Wash.: $1.3 million to reconfigure a connecting taxiway (F) from its current airfield location to a new midfield connector. Republic Airport in East Farmingdale, N.Y.: $12.4 million to reconstruct a taxiway (A), add a taxiway edge lighting system and replace existing airfield guidance signs. Charles B Wheeler Downtown Airport in Kansas City, Kan.: $844,000 for two parallel taxiways (L and D) to Runway 3 to eliminate the need for aircraft to back-taxi on the runway.

Proposed Rule to Remove Expiration Date for Flight Instructor CertificateIn a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) published last week, the FAA proposes to amend the flight instructor certificate renewal requirements by changing the existing renewal requirements to recent experience requirements and adding a new method for persons to establish recent flight instructor experience. This rulemaking would also allow a flight instructor whose recent experience has lapsed by no more than three calendar months to reinstate flight instructor privileges by taking an approved flight instructor refresher course rather than completing a flight instructor certification practical test. You can view the NPRM and provide comments by June 22, 2023 here

Let’s Give ‘em Some Space – Avoiding Aircraft Hazard Areas

As pilots, you play an important role in ensuring safety during space launch and reentry operations. Understanding what Aircraft Hazard Areas (AHA) are and how to avoid them is an important part of that effort. Learn more about AHAs in the article “Let’s Give ‘em Some Space” at

For more on the FAA’s leading role in advancing commercial space transportation, see the May/June 2023 commercial space-themed issue of FAA Safety Briefing at

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