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Pilot Minute Video on Prostate Cancer, Understanding Aircraft Performance, Putting Your Aircraft to Bed

New Pilot Minute Covers Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

In the latest episode of the Pilot Minute video series, Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup explains how pilots with non-metastatic prostate cancer may be issued a medical certificate by their AME. The video also mentions special issuance considerations for metastatic disease or cancer recurrence. See this and past Pilot Minute videos here:

Understanding Aircraft Performance

When it comes to aircraft performance, we usually think about variables like weight and balance, and takeoff and landing distance. But do you know what the most important variable is for determining aircraft performance? Learn more in this month’s #FlySafe message here

Putting Your Aircraft to Bed

Storing your aircraft for the winter is no small feat. It is far from just parking your plane for a few months until you are ready to fly again. But, if you are thoughtful and careful about the “before” and “after” of winter storage, you’ll be ready for another year of flying safely. Learn more by reading the article “Putting Your Aircraft to Bed” at in the Nov/Dec 2023 issue of FAA Safety Briefing. See the entire winter-themed issue at

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