1978 Cessna 152

1978 Cessna 152

Tail Number: N757WP

Year: 1978

Make/Model: Cessna 152

Serial #: 15080064

Engine: 0-235-L2C

Engine Serial #: RL-14365-15

Engine HP: 110HP

Engine Manufacturer: Lycoming

Aircraft Total Time: 12,634.4

Engine Hours Since Overhaul: 441.1

Type of Overhaul: Major Overhaul

Date of Overhaul: 2/23/2017

Overhaul Shop: AP#3119200 Field Overhaul (Jakes Garage and Aviation LLC)

Next Annual Date: 12/1/2022

Prop Overhaul Date: New 10/24/2008

Hours since Prop Overhaul: 608.1

Useful Load: 525.9lbs

Useable Fuel: 26 Gallon Capacity

Logbook Condition: Complete Since New


Exterior Condition: This 152 cleans up well and has a good coat of paint. The clear coat still makes the aircraft shine well and look good on the ramp. This aircraft does have imperfections on the control surfaces. Light hail, some pea size in diameter does show on the aircraft. This hail extends to the top of the wing and all control surfaces. This aircraft still shows well with these imperfections.


Interior Condition: The interior of this aircraft looks really nice. All new plastics with good quality, comfortable leather seats. The floor carpets look great and the baggage compartment looks new. Shoulder harnesses have also been installed. The panel looks good and all avionics show well with no missing numbers or failing diodes.



KX155 Com1/Nav1 (New serviceable unit 10/05/2021)

Stratus ESG Transponder ADSB

Additional Equipment & Modifications:

Master Battery

Position lights

LED landing light

Hour Meter

Electric Trim

OAT Gauge

Dual Toe Brakes

Dual Flight Controls

Dual Push-To-Talk

Overhead Light

Overhead Speaker

2-Place Intercom

STC Spin-On Filter

STC Bracket Air Filter

STC Auto Gas

STC SkyTec Starter

Tannis Engine Heater

New alternator brush set 2019

New engine mounts 2021

New tires 2021

New LH exhaust riser tube 2021

New Serviceable Turn Coordinator 2021

All AD’s complied

Pitot/Static/Transponder last accomplished 1-13-2021


Previous Owner History: This aircraft was based in Texas for most of its life and then found its way to Tennessee. The previous owner lost his medical and decided to sell to Stoffer Aviation.

Damage History: A title search revealed that in 11/2/1991, this aircrafts engine quit due to water contaminated fuel, landed on runway but then ran off the end. All repairs professionally made and documented.


In Flight Report: This aircraft performed flawlessly. It flew incredibly straight, climbed well (750fpm), maintained altitude, and flew absolutely hands off. The return flight was approximately 6 hours and showed good strength and burned approximately a quarter of a quart of oil. Heat works well too! “Pilot, -Josh”


Overall Summary:

Good Paint, Trainer, Low Engine Time (2400 TBO), Good Compressions, Newer Interior, Time Builder, ADSB Out/In

A nice 152. Use it for a trainer, hobbyist, or time builder. Either way this Cessna is economical and cheap to fly. With lots of time left on the engine, this aircraft is a perfect time builder or flight school aircraft. This aircraft will get you to where you want to be safely and efficiently.


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