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1974 Cessna T-310Q

1974 Cessna T-310Q

Tail Number: N222MD          

Year: 1974

Make/Model: Cessna Turbo (T)310Q

Serial #: 310Q1013

Flight Rules: IFR

Aircraft Total Time: 5,066

Next Annual Date: 7/1/2024

Left Engine: TSIO-520B11

Serial #: 176850-R

HP: 285 HP

Manufacturer: Continental

Hours Since Overhaul: 15.0 SMOH (WITH WARRANTY!) (Engine Break-In Complete)

Type of Overhaul: Major Overhaul

Date of Overhaul: 9/20/2022

Overhaul Shop: JB Aircraft Engines

Right Engine: TSIO-520B12

Engine Serial #: 176851-R

Engine HP: 285 HP

Engine Manufacturer: Continental

Engine Hours Since Overhaul:  690.5 SFRM

Type of Overhaul: Factory Reman

Date of Overhaul: 9/28/2004

Overhaul Shop: O’Neill Aircraft Sales & Service

Left Prop Overhaul Date: 3/29/2022

Manufacturer: Hartzell Three Blade (HOT)

Model: PHC-C3YF-2UF-NP

Serial: EB5835B

Hours Since Overhaul: 0.00 SNEW (WITH WARRANTY!)

Right Prop Overhaul Date: 9/28/2004

Manufacturer: Hartzell Three-Blade (HOT)

Model: PHC-C3YF-2UF-NP

Serial: EB5848B

Hours Since Overhaul: 706.2 SNEW

Load Capabilities:

Useful Load: 2028.68lbs

Useable Fuel: 163 Gallons

Logbook Condition: Complete Since New

Exterior Condition: Primarily White with Beige and Maroon striping; Wrap around Omni vision windows;

Interior Condition: CUSTOM Beige leather interior. No rips or tears in the seats. Great condition with matching pillows.


G500 TXI 10.6” Pilot Landscape Display (Touchscreen Flight Display) (Engine Data, HSI Mapping, Interface w/ autopilot and others avionics, weather & traffic) POH Reference Guide Updated

G500 TXI 10.6” Co-Pilot Landscape Display (Touchscreen Flight Display) (Engine Data, HSI Mapping, Interface w/ autopilot and others avionics, weather & traffic) POH Reference Guide Updated

GTN 750xi GPS/NAV/COMM/MFD #1 (POH Updated)

GTN 750xi GPS/NAV/COMM/MFD #2 (POH Updated)

Garmin G5 Backup Electronic Attitude Display (POH Updated)

GMA 345 Audio Panel

GTX 345 Transponder (ADSB In-Out) (Current Pitot/Static) IFR Current

STC S-Tec 3100 Autopilot 3-AXIS Version Pitch/Roll/Yaw (Auto-Trim, Envelope Protection, S&L Recovery, Alt Pre-Select, GPS Enroute VNAV, Precision/Missed Approaches) (POH Updated)

STC Digital Flight Control System (Paired with S-Tec 3100)

Flight Stream 510

GA35 WAAS Antenna

Synthetic Vision

Additional Equipment & Modifications:

Prop Sync

New High Quality T3 Aluminum Instrument Panel

STC New Cies Fuel Senders ALL tanks L/R Aux, L/R Mains

GAMI Turbo Injectors

Oxygen System – O2 bottle Hydro Tested and Serviced

Sky-Tec Starters (Right & Left)

Overhauled Wastegate (Right & Left) 2004

Cleveland Wheels & Brakes (Installed 1990)

Vortex Generator Kit

LED Landing & Taxi Lights

Increased MGW!

New Transfer/Snuffle Pumps Both Mains

Custom Cessna 310 Yokes

Installed OVH Right Fuel Pump 6-17-21

De-Icing: Boots, Alcohol Windshield, Heated Props (Serviced Routinely)

Newly Repaired Baffling (Right Engine)

New Tempest Plugs

New RPM Sensors 2020

New Fuel Flow Transducers 2020

New Oil Temp Sensors 2020

New Manifold Sensors 2020

New Oil Pressure Sensors 2020

New Cylinder Sensors 2020

New GMU-44 Magnetometer 2020

New GEA-110 Engine Interface Monitoring Module 2020

New Engine Cover Plates 2020

New Tires (Less than 50 hours)

Tanis Engine & Oil Heaters

Left Engine Nacelle Battery Minder

Additional Bose Panel Power for Pilot & Co-Pilot

Exhaust System Complied Next 1-2029

Knisley Exhaust

Cabin Heater Repaired/Reinstalled Harold Haskins SMOH 50hrs 2009

Cowl Plugs & Pitot Cover

Duel PTT

Stratus USB Power

6-Place Intercom

Electric Trim

New serviceable landing gear motor 2020

All AD’s complied

Up to date Oil Analysis confirms all physical properties are normal

Previous Owner History: The owner’s mission has changed and no longer need this incredible, family carrying, business traveling, high flying, super machine!

Damage History: 2021 left gear went off taxiway resulting in left prop strike. Engine overhauled as well as prop with new blades

In Flight Report: 1790 fpm Climb Rate. 30G GPH LOP. 225kt cruise. 28,200 ft Ceiling. The best cost/performance ratio compared to any other aircraft. Extremely stable platform. Short field landing and takeoff performance is good at approximately 1700 ft for takeoff over a 50 ft obstacle & 1800 ft for landing over a 50 ft obstacle. (see POH) –"Pilot Josh"

  • Aircraft Detail

    There is only one N222MD. A unique aircraft designed for reduced work load, reduction in pilot fatigue and to increase safety by offering multiple redundancies. Care, detail, and preciseness was put into 222MD placing this aircraft on the cover page of Cessna Twin Flyer of The Year Magazine. 

  • Checkout & Insurance

    This aircraft will come with a free insurance checkout up to 2 hours of flight time. We will also provide delivery of this aircraft within the continental United States of America as long as the purchaser pays for the ferry pilots round trip.

  • Additional Pictures & Videos

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