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Tools For Mountain Weather Flight Planning And NOAA Flight Operations

Join us for A VIRTUAL cup of coffee, a donut, and a LIVE WEBINAR with CDR Patrick Didier. CDR Patrick Didier is an active duty NOAA Corps Officer with over 17 years of flying scientific research aircraft. He is currently stationed in Chanhassen, MN, supporting NOAA's Airborne Snow and Soil Moisture Survey. These surveys use low-flying aircraft to measure snow-water equivalent throughout the United States and portions of Canada. He is one of a select group of homegrown NOAA aviators to qualify as Hurricane Aircraft Commander in the flagship airborne platform, the WP-3D Orion. He will be discussing the types of flying that NOAA does in support of scientific research, as well as presenting a training module on low-level mountain flying.

To view further details and registration information for this webinar, click here:

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