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High Performance and Complex Endorsements

Part of moving up to more capable airplanes, including ABS-type airplanes, is earning your High Performance and Complex endorsements. Yet often the training provided for these endorsements happens fast and doesn’t really cover what you need to know to operate these airplanes safely and efficiently. In this presentation ABS’ Tom Turner reviews what you should have learned when your instructor signed your Complex and High Performance endorsements and helps fill any gaps in your training. Subjects include:Mastery and proficiency as the goals of Complex and High Performance endorsementsWhat the regulations requireWhat true proficiency requiresWhen you think the endorsements are required but they are not

Viewers will be able to type in their questions to be answered during the event. We’ll explain how to do so at the beginning of the webinar. This program is recognized for ABS AVIATOR and FAA WINGS credit.

Although this American Bonanza Society program is oriented toward pilots of Beech Bonanzas, Debonairs, Barons and Travel Airs, the discussion, techniques and procedures described are valuable to the pilot of any airplane.

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The following credit(s) are available for the WINGS/AMT Programs:

Advanced Knowledge 2 - 1 Credit

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